Friday, 15 September 2017

What is the elephant in this room, on planet earth...... reason for killing.....?

What is the elephant in this room, on planet earth - that is the single reason for MILLIONS of brothers killed by brothers - until today?

A law made nearly 2000 years ago by a false heathen church.

If you disobeyed that law you were excommunicated, branded as a heretic and killed.

See and read for your self:

  • During the Crusades were thousands of brothers killed by brothers.   Children of Abraham.
  • Why did Hitler kill 6 million brothers and sisters?    Because he believed this lie law.  He wanted to kill the Jews because: "They killed God."
  • Why are Christians killed today by brothers? Because of this law.  
  •  YES.    The church in general believe this law until today - ask your pastor.
  •  They call it the doctrine of TRINITY.
  •  Please read for your self how did this law came into existence:

After 7 years of study - I was forced to sign that I believe that this law is true.

Today 15 September 2017, i GABRIEL STEPHANUS JOUBERT confess my sin of believing this lie.

Thank you Jesus Christ - lamb of God who took away the sin of the world - yes yours also.

Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses of faith on 31 October 1517      Please read:

It was the start of all the Protestant churches of today - but the majority of them still believe the doctrine of TRINITY.

Today - exactly 500 years after 1517. I nail this email on the door of your temple - yes you are the temple of God - son of God - like Jesus our oldest brother - who showed us the Way - who became 100% CHRIST - the LOGOS - the Word - who created heaven and earth - ELOHIM in Gen 1 verse 1 and in Psalm 82 verse 6  we understand it. 

I am constantly in the consciousness of the Presence of Perfection.

"I take no credit for this document.  i know nothing. Out of my self i can do no thing. Me and you bring our selves as open and empty vessels to God in us - Immanuel - to be filled."

I forgive our brothers who created this lie.  There was no Google in 325 AD .   Gabriel


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