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DESERT FLOWER RUN or WALK. New Xanagas . Botswana. Help to choose the date -end July 2016

Hi Runners and Walkers     -    A team from Bronkhorstspruit want to come and we are trying to set the date.   You can choose between weekend of 22 - 23 July or 29 - 30 July even 12 - 13 August 2016.   Please let me know ASAP which date will fit your program.

  You must arrive the Friday and there is a major change - those of you who will handle the GPS must prove that you can do it - Friday afternoon before we eat the potjie and please charge it or have spare batteries.   

Last year there were 3 GPS's the Friday evening - Saturday morning one was flat and the other one didn't work.    I gave mine to somebody who didn't know how to use it - he put it sometimes in his pocket and the destination's way point changed and we stopped 5 km from New Xanagas - lost - Praise God a few meter from a path  that I recognized.

I actually decided not to do it again - it's really dangerous - but it's like the Comrades - let's do it!   But PLEASE - know how to use your GPS.

      Those of you who ran it in the past - this is a entirely new experience - those thorn branches that scratched our legs, are now 2 meter high bushes - a real challenge - you will enjoy it!!
Please let me know if you are coming. 

You are very welcome.   REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORTS !!      Petrol is nearly R2 per litre cheaper in Botswana.
Let me know if you have any questions  -  email address Thanks !!

We have  cell phone reception in New Xanagas +267 736 967 37 and even internet.

The correct GPS reading for New Xanagas is : S 22.27471   E 020   39.291


You take part in this race entirely on your own risk.   We wanted to cancel the run last year after some runners really suffered to reach the end.  Even a Bushman got lost because of a cloudy sky.

PLEASE!!  Make sure how to use your GPS.

 It will be just ± 20 km but some of the groups took 5 - 7 hours to complete it in the past - I don't speak about the Bushman ladies - they got lost in 2008 and walked from 09h00 to 17h00 !! 

It is NOT possible to search for you - just stay in your group with a GPS. A search party will start to follow your tracks the next day - I don't think you will survive the winter night with only your running gear !

Please arrive on Friday during the day since we will leave VERY EARLY for the starting line on the Saturday.   Driving time is ± two + hours it is about 40 km, we don't go straight to the start - the truck will be faster this year !!

If you don't have a GPS - come, we found that the groups run together, they form small "buses".  

It is very important that every bus leader - the man with the GPS in his hand - should PLEASE take responsibility for every runner in his group. It will even be better if there are 2 GPS's in a group.  The Kalahari is such that you can be lost in minutes. There are NO visual points of reference.  Only the sun.   Remember - if I don't say it again - watch your shade when you start your run!  You will be running in a North - East direction - the shade will be on your left side to begin with - it should move slowly behind you as you progress.  Actually this will not work because mid day the sun is directly above you !   DON'T GET LOST !!!

NB !  There is a lot of dry grass with seeds, you will be wise to protect your socks with something - plastic, canvas "kamaste", pieces of shade net works very good.

You must carry your own water, ± 3  litre will be enough, you will run longer than your ordinary 20 km, average 5 - 7 hours, since it is sandy and you won't be running in a straight line or pathway. You may encounter a patch of encroaching bush which will force you to make a detour!!

Remember the slowest runner in your group will determine your speed - we are actually running or walking for the joy!

A few Bushmen youth will also run with us, if you have some second-hand running shoes ± nr 6 - it will really be welcome.

We will camp at the finish line in New Xanagas and leave Sat morning early with the Glory Lorry, a 4x4 Bedford for the starting line.  The path to the START is open you can drive with your 4x4 if you wish.    The start is 20 km from New Xanagas. You set your GPS to - GO TO New Xanagas - and we run or walk.

There will be a potjie Friday afternoon and a potjie Saturday for lunch when we will hopefully arrive.

Some will want to leave the Saturday - but you are welcome to stay longer.   There is enough wood for a braai Saturday evening.  I will have boerewors.

At the Finish line you will receive a seed of the Devils claw plant as medal.

New Xanagas is 1100 km from Pta on the Trans Kalahari Highway, 60km from the Namibian border you will get Karakubis where you turn south on Grace rd to New Xanagas 38 km on a good gravel road. If you have a small vehicle just drive slowly and keep left avoiding the tracks!

You enter New Xanagas with Grace, at the T – junction with Love turn right at the GLORY!! sign, left at the next GLORY !! sign - you will find us at the end of the street.

You can phone or sms me on + 267 73 696 737 - email is better.

Please leave early enough to arrive the Friday during day time - the potjie will be ready.  If you are late the potjie will be finished - there are always many hungry children who enjoy any food.  Please don't bring sweets for the children - oranges or apples please.

DON"T forget your passport and they may ask your vehicle's papers.  At the border they will ask you who you are going to visit - on the form - just write Rev Joubert PO Box 41 Charles Hill and ask enough days to visit.  Four to five days should do the trick.

NB !!  Fill up at Kang.   Next petrol is at Tsootsha  - 310 km from Kang -  If you come from the Namibian side, there is fuel at Buitepos and at Charles Hill.

Remember it is VERY cold in the night, you don't need a tent, it will not rain??, good sleeping bag plus a blanket!!  Ground sheet NB!!

Please bring a torch - flash light - you don't want to step on a scorpion!

No official numbers necessary, run in a T shirt, days are warm.

There is one long drop and 2 short drop toilets.   No shower.     You was  - using a skottel or basin.

You are welcome to stay for the Sunday morning service to hear the beautiful singing of the Bushmen.  

Everything is FREE!!  You can give a donation if you wish and enjoyed it.  Phone me if you have any questions




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