Friday, 17 July 2015

Fwd: Vandag se gebed

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Subject: Vandag se gebed
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 05:17:22 +0100
From: Ayana <>
To: Gawi Joubert <>

"Guidance has been given you many, many times when you have been in situations where guidance has been appropriate.  But this time, as many times before also, we have given it in advance in order for you to become aware that guidance is first and foremost a gift, a gift from us to you.  It is not revelation, which is a gift from the Father. Secondly, guidance comes not from the separated and split mind of the ego, but it comes from union, from your spacious self where we reside."

This guidance is seldom given when asked for...

"Yes, but it is always given at the most appropriate time, even when not asked for. This is to help free you. Free you from the incessant and unnecessary need to know in advance. You become so pre-occupied with possible future scenarios that you miss the joy of living with full awareness in the present moment.  Truth and Love abide only in the present.  We grant you this experience.  

"We are here to help you enjoy to influx of continually coming to know while you are simply be-ing – the will of the Father - and being fully aware that you are the presence of the Father."

Thank you. What is appropriate for now?

"Live with awareness.

"Go about the affairs of daily living and observe what comes and what goes.

"Be welcoming, receptive, and hospitable to each entity or event that approaches you and that you approach.

"Hold each one that has come into your awareness, within your spacious self, within the embrace of the love of your self of union, for as long as it remains within your vision.

"Also allow complete pass-through by letting movement out of your vision or awareness happen as spontaneously and as harmoniously as you have allowed its approach. Leave and let leave with blessing, love, and joy to speed it on its way."

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