Thursday, 26 March 2015

To wash someone's feet, according to John 13 is quite in......

    To wash someone's feet, according to John 13 is quite in line with what Jesus did and said.     Where would wash and scrub toilets and make it right fit in, I wonder.   Sunday, when I came home, I found Dina was cleaning and scrubbing the school's toilets - next to our house - which became short drops - because the water system was not working properly - she even got a cold sore.    I also fell in helping and fixing and had a meeting with authorities and now it works - almost.    GLORY !!

You are probably wondering what is this to do with gospel preaching - Cleanliness is next to Godliness - these children are Bushmen - most of them are using sticks and stones and leaves in the field
- where they live in the bush- here in the hostel and school it tends to block toilets.

The children see that you care about them - the teachers argue: "It is there culture ..."

The goat project - GOAT FARM - got Wonderful momentum.    One of the teams - Cross-kilos and Greyling - who will take part in the Desert Flower Run in July, funded the drilling of the 1st hole and will equip it with a solar pump.    Thank you Father!   GLORY !!     While we were marking the path through the bush with our GPS to where the borehole is to be drilled - we were surprised and it was such a confirmation - that we are working and CLUTCHING in with our Father's will for New Xanagas - when we see that we are EXACTLY on the  ancient road that was started in 1983 - which the Bushmen used to gather firewood.   The two paths are in the same place!

The 1st hole belongs to Oster and Two Bob's family and they named it BLESSING, in Nharo obviously written. The goal is not to make money - we will have abundant goat meat for the soup kitchen in New Xanagas and we can plant vegetables with the constant stream of water.   The Garden in New Xanagas is just full of weed - no food - because there are days without water.

The other interesting point is that  Oster sold
ALL his goats in the 2 year struggle to survive while Two Bob studied.  She earns a salary from the end of this month and will help buying goats.    Thank you Father for Meat Master and sheep and goats.
  •     Thank You Father for the borehole (to be drilled) and solar pump 
  •     Thank you Father for 3500 m moveable electric fence - at P30 pm - ready to load - we can pay as Father provides.  
  •     We will also build a youth camp.

    Write if you do not understand!  I used Google translator - the idiomatic expressions gave problems!

You are also welcome to come here on holiday - at no charge - just bring your own food.
Greetings from house to house.

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Gawi cell: + 267 713 698 57 or + 37 267 736 967     or    0721 580 587 RSA

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