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New Xanagas Goat Farmers Project

    Die Boesmans glo my nie meer nie - hulle sê dit nie openlik nie - ek weet wat hulle dink:  "Die moruti praat net...."

    Vir meer as 20 jaar is dit: "Next week...." - dat een of ander projek gaan begin.

    Kom - jy en ek  - wat hierdie woorde lees - kom ons gebruik die beginsel van crowd funding - BAIE mense gee elk EEN 'n bietjie of meer en SAAM BREEK ons - in die Naam van Christus Jesus - die mag van armoede.  Ons bereik saam die doel - ons begin deur EEN familie te help met 'n behoorlike, HAALBARE en werk bare doelwit.

Lees dit - dis in die engel se taal - laat 'n bietjie water vloei en stuur dit asseblief vir jou kontakte en Face book vriende en SAAM sê ons Dankie Vader vir U Perfekte Vervulling van alles wat ons nodig het.

New Xanagas Goat Farmers Project

Let's do it - Let's assist Bushmen families in the Kalahari of Botswana to become sustainable goat farmers. 

The Bushmen Community of New Xanagas in Botswana (New Xanagas Map) has been living on their own farm of 40,000 hectare since 1983 but all their cattle, donkeys, horses and goats are drinking at ONE drinking spot. This causes overgrazing, no control and little income. In fact some of the poorest of the poor are living in New Xanagas.

The Government of Botswana gave permission to a few families to drill their own borehole on their own 4000 hectare land. They also subsidize the first USA $12.000 to drill a borehole. The cost to drill a bore hole of 200 meter is about USA $20.000 - the $8.000 difference must be raised by themselves.

Let's use the crowdfunding method to help SIX families.

Below is the information for ONE family:
  •  To DRILL a Borehole: $20.000 - We already have $12.000 in Government subsidy - We need $8.000.
  •  To EQUIP the bore hole with a solarpump, tank and water reticulation: $7.000.
  •  Erect a movable 800m x 800m solar electric fence to protect their goats from predators like jackals, leopard and theft: $6.000.
  •  Enable them to manage and give drinking water to their own animals.
  •  Produce vegetables for own consumption and to sell for an income.
  •  Supply a soup kitchen in New Xanagas with goat meat to give food to old, poor and disabled people.
  • TOTAL/1 x Family:    $33.000.
  • TOTAL/6 x Families$198.000.
What can you do?
  • Let's use the crowdfunding principle – many people donate a little bit to reach the aim of USA $198.000 to drill 6 boreholes and equip them for 6 families.
  • Every ONE who reads this – if possible - invests at least R100 or USA $10.

    Use PayPal 

    FNB Lynnwood 252045  
    acc nr: 620 318 253 86 
    GS Joubert - Christ Light Current

    Standard Bank Gobabis  
    Branch 082072 
    acc nr:  143 356 488   
    GS Joubert
  • Please - Forward this to your email contacts and Facebook friends. 

What is in it for YOU?
  • Every one who support this idea are welcome to visit us FREE for up to one month, camping - living in a permanent tent. Just supply your own food or eat with us what we eat.    

New Xanagas Goat Farmers

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