Friday, 3 October 2014

Heavenly Father - Divine Foundation and Allness of All that is.

Heavenly Father  - Divine Foundation and Allness of All that is.

I come to You with an open mind and a loving heart and

I ask You to enfold me fully in Your Consciousness and

impress within my consciousness

All that You are

as much as what I can endure in safety.

I ask this,

because I know that it is only

as I move into deeper understanding of Your Reality,

Your Consciousness,

that I will be able to express Your Truth in my daily life.

I know,

if I express Your Consciousness,

that I will choose the right things to do.

I know,

I will attract into my life,

all that I need

and to help others in need.

I know,

as You flow into my consciousness

that Your Divine Energy

will heal any conflict within and around me

and will heal any discordant or sick condition.

Like Christ,

I do not ask for material things,

because I know You are my Heavenly Father and

will fulfil them,

as soon as I can fully believe,

that Your only will,

is the Fulfilment of all my need.

Like Christ,

I believe and know that Your Divine Intention for me never wavers and

it is to establish perfection in every facet of my existence.

Therefore I give deep glowing gratitude for this contact

that is already within us -

You my Heavenly Father are also my Life force.

I am wholly one with you,

grant me daily the ever increasing realization that this is truly so.

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